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Your own dragon army

Who hasn't ever dreamed about having a dragon? They're so cute when they're small... the problem comes when they grow up and spit fire, but that's another story.

Dragon City is a fun game, halfway between turn-based combat and managing a city where dragons are the protagonists. From your city you will have the chance to create your own dragon army and fight battles with other players in the pursuit of victory. Are you ready?

Dragon trainer

Professional dragon trainer. That will be your mission in Dragon city: find eggs, hatch them, give the dragon a home and feed it so that it becomes an adult dragon that can fight other dragons in the ring.

In the process, you will also serve as manager to your dragon city, since you'll have to improve the tower where the eggs are created, build farms to feed the dragons...

To keep you from getting lost in the midst of all the action, Dragon City shows you a list of pending tasks. Clicking them will take you to the building where you have to do the task.

One-on-one combats

As to the combats, once you have trained dragons and a ring at your disposal you will be able to face other players in combats. The dynamic is turn-based combat: you choose your dragons (they can be two or more) and they confront each other one by one, with one movement or attack per contender.

The winner will be determined depending on the strength of its attacks and the life of each dragon.

Gems and gold

Dragon City is a freemium game; that is, it's free to install and play but requires micro payments to acquire certain things. Either that, or you wait out enough time to get what you need. In Dragon City the currency is gems and gold. You will get loads of gold as you complete tasks. And besides, dragons normally generate it after a certain amount of minutes.

Gems are more difficult to obtain, and unfortunately to get them you will need to either be very patient or pay up.

One hundred dragons, one path

Although Dragon City can initially seem complicated given all the variables you need to take into account (gold, gems, hatching eggs, feeding dragons...), everything is under control thanks to the list of pending tasks.

Still, if you don't want to bother visiting every building you have built to see what you have to do there at each given moment, you can choose the list that shows you the goals and sends you directly to the place where these are fulfilled. Otherwise, Dragon City imitates the pattern of other similar games, with clearly laid out informative panels.

Although it can be better appreciated on a tablet than on a mobile phone, Dragon City delivers in the graphic aspect as well as in the dragon design, which changes as you go up more levels, Pokémon style. The same thing happens with the scenery: you can zoom it to see it in detail.

Go get the 100 dragons

Following the trail of Pokémon, Dragon City has up to 100 dragons organized into categories. Along the game you will be collecting more and more dragons until you get the whole collection and make them fight against the other contenders.

Although you will be needing some patience after a certain point, which is basically when you run out of gems and need them to keep moving, Dragon City offers an acceptable game experience.


  • Over 100 dragons available
  • Combines combat and management
  • A variety of pending tasks
  • A range of levels in buildings and dragons
  • On line fighting


  • Reminiscent of Pokemon
  • Excessive dependence on micro payments

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Dragon City for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 22.2.0
  • 3.9

  • (462)
  • Security Status

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    lovely game I hop every one try it out.
    amazing game about collecting dragons,feeding them up ,fighting other dragons and build the best dragon's magical world and more and more...
    Pros: The Ancient World